Cold Summer

by SentZ

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Boxed us in, they boxed us in, I guess that’s the way the cash goes-
We came up stepping on color capsules, Old heads leaning out them colored kangols/
Shit I see the cops again, they stopped again-
who's shot ya is the other unknown-
some of em clean, some of em clean your dome/
Don’t talk back, or you might get dumped home/
Clutch chrome, if you wanna-
1st niggas fall on the corner/
2nd nigga falls in the courtroom
welfare gone, 3rds a goner/
4th nigga scored a diploma-
40 ton debt slowed the run up/
Paid it off working at some bullshit-
Where somebody calls you nigger via numbers/

Gonna be a cold summer
I foresee a cold summer

Searching for a hustle in the dark (3x)

Lights out nigga
Wait til them bikes out nigga
Metrocard swipes out nigga
them young boys swipe out niggas-
Tryna get it where it counts nigga/
Killing niggas for an ounce nigga
sending niggas down south nigga
only lions get fed huh?
aint no time for a mouse nigga

Let me ask you this….
When this deficit flips, and regular kids-
That bettered there shit, get fed up and trip/
Who’s left to resist, the resonant click/
Beheading the strip?/
Lemme simplify the fly, since I’m ahead of the shit-
When nobodies working, and all of us hurting-
What you think will happen in these tenement bricks?
Peaceful families turn to henchmen and shit/
When veterans click, it’s usually outta need-
When lesser mean click, it’s usually outta greed/
Invested in shit, that should be outta their league-
with disregard, to every cog that arms the machine
All of them lean, on the back of their soldiers-
All of them dream, for the stacks and the boulders/
All of us scream, give back what you owed us-
Cuz all of us Kings, these shackles can’t hold us/

May lord have mercy on the morals of your judge
May lord have mercy on this devil that is us

Gonna be a cold summer
I foresee a cold summer


released January 3, 2015
Produced, written, recorded and mixed by SicksentZ
Artwork by SicksentZ



all rights reserved