Happy Accidents

by SentZ

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I've worked on this project bit by bit for over a year. It's seen multiple versions, some longer, some shorter, all of which unified by authentic lyrics and lo fi bass beats. I originally aimed to make a 100% rap only release but some of these pieces are instrumental. It's hard to explain, but you fully embrace the production side of things when making beats for yourself. Before you know it, the instrumental becomes so complete, it doesn't need your words anymore. That happened a lot here.

Every song was produced, written, recorded, mixed and mastered by me, in my Brooklyn apartment, while I plotted on how to improve the hood around me. I hope to always make music with the same freedom, and I appreciate your support in helping me do so. I'd love to start touring this year, and unlike most, my DIY approach doesn't require alot of $ to get me on the road. The sales of this album directly assist in doing that so please support if you can.

For those who purchase, the unlisted bonus material includes unearthed beats I've done for mcs such as "Black Swann by Lakutis" and my hack of Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire's "iLLest Niggaz Breathin'". I've also included a recording from my live set at the Run the Jewels tour, which is a 20+ minute mashup of boombap, dub, and space sounds. Finally, my unreleased SchoolBoy Q Nightmare on Figg st. Hack is also bundled in for all my space bass fans. Anyone who cops gets discounted ticket pricing on the road too. Who loves you more?

I appreciate ya. Get at me on the net.



released June 17, 2014

Written, Produced, Recorded, and Mixed by SicksentZ



all rights reserved
Track Name: It's All Mine
Ahhhh the ember of yet another swisher, the shift is swift- smoke whispers on every camera flicker the switch was quick/
From nigga to nigga sign this, added my autograph in Pacha, when I was young they would huddle then frisk me proper/
Now I popup, parlay a spot puff- no combing my pockets- prophet, I see shit before niggas know about it/
Disgraced by you posing ass, soldier quoting ass niggas, half a gram never pass niggas, detached-
From the G code, keep three rolled- hold Fam down if they need gold/
Ain't a party if yo people ain't in it, gangstas ain't timid, hustlers ain't rented, they live it/
This crown got me livid- purple bags filled up with liquid/
Purple bags lit up each minute-
I'm higher than than Urkle stitching I heard you bitching, broski-
Nigga you don't know me- fuck up off me/

fuck up off me

I'm salty, i'm saucy, I'm sorta stoic mostly-
I'm learning to adapt to all these savages amongst me/
Even the joker grins prior, to trembling your empire-
My trust aint ever been lower, suspicion never been higher/
Never been higher, my interest never been lower-
Your niggas never spit fire, your bitches never bend over/
I witnessed all you niggas behind scenes, the jigs up-
There's holes in your bulletproof story that need a stitch up/
Cogs in your machine need a fix up-
The sudden blood lust lifting my dick up/
Fa diggy uck the world save the second nut for pinups-
Ya missy clutched her pearls, gave a second look, give up

It's all mine
Track Name: Keep Getting
I'm scared for my future….I've seen this story told before I lose bruh-
It's weird, screaming at my doubts for interfering with my fears/
Screaming at the cops for interfering with my peers-
Still screaming at the top of my lungs, the bottom filled-
with residue of what I've become, my problems real/
Your problems real, our problems real similar huh-
…..Fate sealed with the same signature, fuck-
Watching labels break my niggas spirits-
I repeat, watching labels break my niggas spirits/
In two ways, Either 360 deals, or lack of a stitch thats ill, see either way all my niggas feel it, duvets.
can't cover the pain.
All these fly Keep Watch tanks can't cover the tracks.
The stains all on my veins
……I keep getting fucked up and running it back 4x

I fear silence, for silence breeds thought.
And all that I can think of, I'd rather not report/
Cursed with awareness, burdened with a heart-
Stimulated too much, brain blowing apart/
Tide size mood shifts, on my new shit-
I'm lying it's old habits with new tints, uh/
The devil's Prada got a new stitch-
Givenchy Pandora box concealing her 2 fifth/
Blow you out of order, powder on the table- sands of time upon us/
Shout out to my loners-
Double to my stoners/
Triple to my OGs, I'm out I'm bout to roll up-
Po Po stroll you don't know me, bro bruh/
Round these regular joes, a niggas flagging cobra/
GI, see I, belong in less VI,s and more triages-
I'm sick with this shit, and nauseous/
Page my nurse-
Track Name: For Fun
Recognizing less of my neighbors, doubling the size of my papers, light a light saber,
...Bali shag spliffs perfect sour o's blown all over the van wyck, louder than a bad bitch/
Momma I'll be back quick- all a sudden they holla when I pass, pass judgments, laugh hug shit/
...They didn't budge until I got a budget-
Now I'm the nigga to fuck with. Well fuck it/
Rose pedal our steps in this bum shit- the echelon is extra, energetic, the Tesla/
Tender headed, narrow block raised raised narrow knots to a lot niggas got paid/
Praise Camelot, Kings county is apt named->
All these beams around me I got raised/
Bitch niggas bugging, I stock raid- stock on salasiah shittaz with stocks aimed/
Top tier tear makers, neighbor

Airborne adder, bag full of texture testers- the arrogance was two seats extra/
The half of it? You need extra- brain matter to imagine it, I'm 23 next up, passionate/
Crack a zip....crack a fifth-
Shaq sized foot up in ya ass bitch/
Recognize real, shout my nigga Vato- devilish gunplay but his aims Pentecostal/
Protected, America neglected-
Made the best of the lemons I was blessed with/
Lemon haze to the flame when the stress hits- bend her frame, dick game well invested/
Petty change aint accepted in this lane- steady aim, still weins without a fucking direction/
Hot weapons, cold veins, bad choices- pop legends, need be it, despise cautious/

Where the real niggas go?-
og saggin, homies passing/
Did you peep the palindrome bitch I'm spazzing-
Nice with it, despite living in crime districts/
Eyes tinted, a light crimson I'm sight shifting-
Put so many kites in the air, the sky's missing/
Talk shit for a two piece, the fries missing-
What the fuck chains say, I'm different ho/
Top missing, no, pot pissing, stuffed Marley paper, play ya, position/
2k my career shit, stay, right... Right. Right there shit/
My range needs a therapist/
...it's gotdamn crazy-
Fakefamous, so got damn pay me/
These niggas product is suspect-
Hit a nigga up when you want that thump trick
Track Name: Relapse
Zips for me and my niggas-
......back then y'all had clips for me and my niggas/
Commence appeasing my niggas-
Was fly then, but you were looking down on a gawd-
Now I'm on mars/ uhh
Space camp, my game back, updated my console- taking acid rain baths, and I don't need no poncho/
I see more with my eyes close-
Psychedelics in my cycle-
This aint a suggestion to try anything, but I do/

Here's another one...

1 million ccs please.....I'll wait-
They say Can't argue results right??... well I'm great/
Wax scraped, packed, baked, sat crafted a masterpiece-
Add a psychedelic to the bag, swag, and repeat/
My formula has not changed, they fuck with my slang-
buzzing like a new plug, shocked they fuck with my caine/
Trick shut yo lips-
I been the shit, and this toilet ain't got room for bulls in this bitch/

Toro, I dodge drunk bitches and photos-
Hoes'll side track you, Feds pretend that its promo/
Screen capping ya Instagram your files hardly local-
that known I mask up, trust few, my cash tucked/
Old school my dad's touch, that game genie by default-
God mode code, I can kill this shit while I sleepwalk/
Feel this shit in my seems, my vein veins compliment my game change, awfully different, frame things bout to get/
Insane for my comp like I changed my OS- your reign on the tops bout as short as your dress/
Pussy ass nano-nigga, manhood mishandled nigga- backwoods need grams ass nigga, wack hook, weak class ass nigga/
Who dare come test I?
Croutons your bread light/
Plane full, this next flights
Got hash in it, so get right/
Real niggas steady doing it up in here get life/
So pussy niggas looking to exchange words ,get skype/

2 for $20, 3 for $25
2 for $20, 3 for $25
2 for $20, 3 for $25
2 for $20, 3 for $25